In the 1970’s a beautiful section of the Frio River Canyon, just south of Leakey, Texas, was purchased by a group of close friends. Leakey and much of the Frio Canyon are built and driven by the one of the most pristine and beautiful rivers Texas has to offer. The Frio River flows right through the heart of this canyon and is the true source of life to everything in the area.

The Frio River gave birth to the blossoming of strong, lasting friendships with many shared values.  These friends, settled in this quaint and peaceful pecan bottom along the clear, cool Frio waters, flourished as the families grew.   Three generations with the river the main gathering hole have come to call this very special place, once known simply as “The Place,” home.

One hot summer day, two friends sat in the river discussing one of their favorite hobbies-WINE! This was never an uncommon topic as wine was often something they shared and enjoyed together, saving the best of their personal collections to drink together. This particular afternoon the discussion moved to grapes and the importance of growing superior grapes that ultimately result in the development of superior wines.  They had but one simple question, “Could we grow quality grapes and produce superior wine from the Frio Canyon in Texas Hill Country?” The friends agreed to the challenge with only one condition-if the grapes didn’t produce superior wine, then they would plow the field and never speak of the vineyard again.

In 2008, Frio Canyon Vineyard planted the first 4 acres of grapes with only one mission- to grow the highest quality grapes and produce superior estate wines from Texas. In the eight years since, the vineyard has repeatedly produced award winning wines with Syrah blends. Frio Canyon Vineyard currently has just 10 acres under operation with four varieties in production.