Our goal at Frio Canyon Vineyard is to focus our attention to be diligent in growing the best and most superior estate grown grapes, to then produce then highest quality wines From Texas. As we only use grapes grown in our private vineyards here on property, our quantities are extremely limited. If you are interested in purchasing our wines, please feel free to contact our winery.

2012 Frio Canyon Vineyard – HILLSIDE

91% Ruby Cabernet – 9% Syrah

The color is a dense, inky dark violet-red, indicating a high degree of extraction and phenol development.

The nose opens with classic cool-climate Cab aromas of dark cherry, toasted brioche and a hint of Cola. Since Texas is far from a “cool” climate, this speaks to the unique quantities of the vineyard site and how the soil can influence the resulting wine.

The initial nose is supported by highly integrated oak aromas presented as subtle cocoa and vanilla with a pleasant touch of garrigue in the background. Over time, herbal-roasted wild game with undertones of black pepper and blackberry compote are joined by cherry wood and antique cigar box.

On the palate, there’s an initial explosive entry of dark cherry, forest grown blueberry and fresh cut brambles.

The broad midpalate is defined by fine-grained, grippy tannins with flavors of forest loam and rich earth.

The long barrel aging regime extends the finish ridiculously long, leaving ghostly impressions of Texas cedar and limestone rich soils.

We recommend waiting until 2018 before trying a bottle and anticipate 2020-2030 being optimal drinking age. However, it would be worth holding a bottle for even longer, assuming proper storage and a fortitude of will-power.

2012 Frio Canyon Vineyard- SYRAH

92.4% Syrah – 7.6% Ruby Cabernet

A highly-extracted midnight colored wine, tending a touch more into the blue spectrum than the HILLSIDE, which is to be expected from Syrah.

Clean aromas of fresh, late season, blueberries, blackberries and Madagascar vanilla bean leap out of the glass before revealing a teasing scent of black anise.

The wine enters the mouth with a lean and lithe dance of restrained and elegant flavors that presented on the nose with silky tannins that caress and cleanse the palate for the next sip.

The mouth is full across the mid-palate with a long finish that offers additional flavors of plum, Red Delicious apple skin and an intriguing hint of crushed spearmint.

This wine is tight with suppressed tension and minerality. As such, it needs to be decanted and allowed to breathe for at least an hour or two, to let it really start to open and shine how it deserves.

For those liking the wildness of Syrah, you can really start enjoying this wine now with decent decanting, but it is recommend to wait for another couple years for it to start realizing it’s potential. Ultimately, 2020 on is where this beauty is really going to start to come into its own.